Saturday, 25 June 2011

Top 10: Hottest Pornstars of 2011

10. rebecca linares
she may not have the biggest bra stuffers, but she sure can take a dick!

wow! what a performer!

9. delta white
she may be a little rough around the edges, but honestly.. who cares!

i keep staring at it, the hands dont move :(, but dont worry! thats what they invented google images for!

8. katie jordin
you all know i love them young, or at least looking young! katie jordin is exactly the girl i need to fill the extra 20gb of unfilled hd space!
if you are on pornhub now.. i dont blame you! imagine the research that went into a top 10 list, the countless hours of trolling the interwebs for the best of the best! i love my job!

7. audrey bitoni
i love big breasted women! audrey bitoni (although increasingly more plastic) has still kept my collection warm!
sweat pants in all! i dont know why all women dont get their kit off for money! would make for a better world if you ask me, and for cheaper porn!

6. tori black
tori has made her fair share of porn, im not saying its a problem.. its just, hd takes alot of space!
you have outdone yourself young slut!

5. jesse jane
stared in a 3d porn movie, you cant argue with that.. also she is hot!
pirates was an awesome cinematographic win!

4. alexis texas
after starting her career following a couple of film producers at a local bar, she made her way into our banks of spank, and into the imaginary face we put infront of the girls we bang ourselves!
i wish i could afford to make a 'movie' with her!

3. kayden kross
my alltime favorite, last years number one! she was a teacher, before she was 'discovered'!
im struggling to finish this article with self restraint.. ill have to cruise back into a 3 day 'hibernation' after this.

2. little caprice
i dont think she speaks any english, but porn is a universal language!
almost made it!

number 1. pornstar of 2011 by brofactory is..
lexi belle
such an awesome year for porn! lexi belle doing a bunch of hd videos, featuring in about 40% of the videos in my collection!.. congratulations, you are number one in the eyes of the writers here at brofactory!


  1. Although younger porn stars who have performed tons of porn movie. I like the most Lexi belle who is my favorite porn star.